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Naturally Fire Safe

Naturally Fire Safe


Ever heard of a fire blanket? Did you know that they - blankets used by old school Fire Fighters - were made of WOOL? Now imagine that wool being soft and luxurious merino and that's where AU Baby comes in. That's right - our blankets are naturally fire resistant, thanks to Mother Nature. Merino wool does not ignite easily and burns with a self extinguishing flame. Check out our video demonstrating these amazing attributes of merino. AU Baby blankets offer a greater level of fire safety than other blankets while also being completely chemical free.  

     Chemical flame retardants cause a plethora of health problems for babies. Flame retardants, or chemicals added to materials to decrease their ability to ignite, can be added to all sorts of baby products such as nursing pillows, car seats, baby carriers, and changing pads. Many of these chemicals are known to damage developing brain cells and alter hormones essential to reproductive and neurological growth. Some scientists suspect that American babies may be exposed to higher levels of many these harmful chemicals than adults or older children. Scary! 

     “Exposure to chemical additives in baby products is of even greater concern for infants at very critical stages of development,” - a 2006 Consumer Product Safety Commission Study. 

    These chemicals, legally classified as "trade secrets" are usually not disclosed and can be difficult for parents to avoid. Not only are flame retardants difficult to avoid in the marketplace, they easily contaminate a baby's living environment by escaping into the air and attaching to dust. From there they can be ingested via hands to mouth and breathed into the lungs.

   You might wonder why would any baby products contain flame retardants? The EPA is still assessing whether these chemicals pose concerns. They are reviewing a number of studies indicating that exposure causes a range of adverse health affects including reduced IQ, learning disorders, reduced fertility, thyroid disruption and cancer. Until these chemicals are off the market, it's best to look for baby products that specify not using them.




How to reduce exposure to flame retardants:



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