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Apparel Is Here!

Apparel Is Here!

We are excited to announce that AU Baby apparel is here! Introducing the Upcycled Cashmere Collection, which takes our motto "reduce, reuse, but make it cute" and turns cashmere sweaters into whimsical, one-of-a-kind outfits. 

This is an apparel collection unlike any other because each piece is completely unique! 
You expect the highest standards in quality and sustainability from us, and we deliver, dear friends. Each piece is made to order with love by yours truly, founder of AU Baby.

Using upcycled 100% cashmere, each piece in the collection is color-blocked and crafted based on the style, which ranges from onesies to sweaters and joggers and hats. No new materials are created, meaning we are actively reducing textile waste.

Not so fun fact: textile waste occupies nearly 5% of landfill space.

While we aren't saying that cashmere often ends up in landfills, sometimes outdated silhouettes languish at the resale stores. We rescue the highest quality 100% cashmere in soft pastels and sporty brights and give them new life.


AU Baby upcycled cashmere apparel collection. Sustainable baby clothing.

What We Can Make

We'll make your knit dreams come true. Want a sweater and pant set? Or a sleeveless onesie without the ruffles? What about a matching hat that's reversible? Have a beloved sweater you'd like to transform into an outfit for your mini-me? It's all possible! Just drop us a note in the contact form and we can start collaborating.


The Details

It's the little things that matter. We use nickel-free snaps on all our onesies - the highest standard in safety. Our snaps are CPSIA and REACH compliant and come in soft pastel hues. Did you notice our ombré rainbow edging? All seams are finished this way with double stitching for maximum durability.



How To Order

Apparel is for insiders only - you won't find it on our web shop any time soon. Drop us a line in our contact form or via DM and we'll get your order started!


AU Baby apparel upcycled cashmere collection for kids. Sustainable kidswear made in the USA.


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