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3 Baby Sleep Tips You Might Be Missing

By Alexandra Ulmer

Today we're sharing 3 often overlooked baby sleep tips for very restless sleepers. Keep in mind this isn't medical advice and you should always check with your medical provider when introducing any new supplements or medications. However, I'm pretty sure at this point I have a PhD in Sleep Deprivation. Hopefully this helps you and your restless little one!

1. Iron Deficiency

• There are a LOT of forms of iron for supplementation and unfortunately some of the easiest to absorb are also the worst tasting.
• We've tried a few brands including Novaferrum Iron liquid and our favorite is Mary Ruth's Liquid Iron. Bonus: no black colored poops!

2. Magnesium Deficiency

• Our go-to is ReMag by RnA Reset. It is VERY concentrated and has to be diluted. Again, check with your doctor but we give our 3 year old 1/4 tsp nightly diluted in about 6 oz of diluted apple juice. Sometimes (rarely) she drinks all of it. But even just a few sips are helpful.

3. Sensory Processing Differences

Everyone has unique ways of processing sensory stimuli and for some children with sensory processing disorders might find it difficult to relax in environments that others might find calming. Textures of bedding, pajamas, or even the room's lighting can be distressing and disrupt sleep. For us, our 3 year old loves her merino AU Baby blanket and DOZ brand organic bamboo sheets. Craniosacral therapy also helped her with extra sensitivity to bedding at night.



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